Cement Board

Cement Board: Cement board typically finds a use in building product such as underlayment for floors, substrate for wall tile, or for building siding. It is a moisture resilient, flexible, strong material perfect for construction. A saw is often brought to a job site to cut away at a cement board. In a factory, waterjets Read more about Cement Board[…]


Stone: An abrasive waterjet is often used for stone kitchen and bathroom countertops, boarders around rooms, hotel lobbies, or other embellishments within a structure. This is meant to beautify architectureand leave an impression on those who view it. The handiwork done can be accomplished through waterjets to create designs such as vines, leaves, or flowers. Read more about Stone[…]


Waterjet displays exquisite detail on numerous materials – from aluminum, steel, foam, and gasket. However, this is far from the powerful capabilities that waterjet shows. Waterjet utilizes its craftsmanship for stronger materials such as composites, stone, cement board, thick insulation, and exotic materials like titanium.