Exotic Materials

Exotic Materials:

Many exotic metals today are cut with waterjet for a smooth finish. This ranges from mild steel and aluminum to sturdier materials like titanium. Stronger products like nickel alloys can be used to create engines which are able to withstand extreme temperatures.

One of the biggest advantages of using a waterjet for substances such as titanium or nickel alloys is the quickened process in comparison to a mill. While a mill is extremely slow and quickly wears out the bit, the waterjet does not do that. The accuracy and speed of the waterjet ultimately defeats a mill. Not only that, the precision is unmistakable between the two.


The technology and ease of waterjet is unlike any other modern cutting processes. The ability to manipulate materials – especially difficult ones – into intricate shapes and styles reveals its superior technique. Immediate results follow and goes to show that it truly is above all other competition.

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