February 17, 2018

Custom Waterjet cutting services & Products

Waterjet Services

Custom Waterjet Cutting for your needs

At PT Engineered Products we have five and three axis Capability with the Dynamic XD Cutting head, which produces taperless 2 and 3 Dimensional parts and can cut on angles up to 60 degrees. Whether it`s a small job, prototype parts or large production runs, PT Engineered products is here for you and your needs!

Acoustical Foam Products

At PT Engineered Products we can custom cut and package acoustical foam kits to meet your exact needs. With  our short lead times on waterjet cut acoustical foam kits we may be exactly what your company needs. We only use the highest quality acoustical foam and dont cut any corners when it comes to quality.

Architectural Metalwork

 We work in sectors such as sign makers, metal fabricators, metal artists and much more!

Marine Industry

Whether it comes to stainless steel or aluminum bracketry, custom cut starboard, or foam decking, we can build custom waterjet cutting products to meet your needs.

Rubber gasketing

We can fabricate high quality rubber gasketing to any shape. We stock a wide variety of rubber sheeting and can cut custom gaskets to fit your needs on short lead times.

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